Arian gas supplier all kinds of pure gases, laboratory gases, mixed gases, industrial gases and calibration gases


Technical & Safety Information

At  Arian Gas, our aim is to avoid causing any harm to people or the environment. We continually strive to improve the quality and safety of our products and services. The occupational health and safety of our employees and environmental protection in general are just as important to us.All gases have inherent hazards. Even oxygen and nitrogen, which we breathe every day, can be problematic if not properly handled. If you deal with gases, it is essential that you identify and understand all potential hazards. The safety of your employees hinges on proactive practices. We extend our zero-incidents mission beyond Arian gas by supporting you


Gas Equipment

Arian Gas Supplying regulators and related equipment, including industrial and specialty regulators different kinds of cylinders cryogenic containers and liquid nitrogen flashbacks for regulators and cutting/welding torches. flexible Teflon tubes for high-pressure applications gas-sampling cylinders Arian Gas offer compressed oxygen gas and liquid oxygen in a variety of purities and concentrations. In addition to its use as a respiratory gas by the healthcare industry, oxygen has strong oxidizing properties that can benefit many industries by improving yields, optimizing performance, and lowering costs.


Pure Gases

Arian gas company activities in supplying different kinds of industrial, laboratory, and medical gases. Gas is one of the four fundamental states of matter (the others being solid, liquid, and plasma). A pure gas may be made up of individual atoms (e.g. a noble gas or atomic gas like neon), elemental molecules made from one type of atom (e.g. oxygen), or compound molecules made from a variety of atoms (e.g. carbon dioxide). A gas mixture would contain a variety of pure gases much like the air. What distinguishes a gas from liquids and solids is the vast separation of the individual gas particles. This separation usually makes a colorless


Gas Mixtures and Calibration

arian gas providing industrial,laboratory gases and Gas Mixtures produced locally and delivering them to all parts of the country Gas Mixtures are a wide and diverse group of products developed for use in specific industries. Food gas mixtures are used to delay the deterioration of packaged food by substituting the air in the package with a protective gas mixture. Different gas mixtures are used to improve the characteristic of many beverages from wine to beer and soft drinks. In manufacturing a wide range of gas mixtures are used for welding and cutting as well as for laser processing. Gas Mixtures are either mixed

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Technical & Safety Information

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